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KingsREgicide is a 2D platformer shooter inspired by the classic 2d platformer such as Megaman X series. 

Unique Features

- Choose from 6 different AI in this demo that can help you throughout the level. Each AI will come equip with Passive and Active Skill that make each of them useful for different situations.

- Boost your combat effectiveness by switching through 3 different type bullets that fit the situations presented to you. From the Burst bullet that good for crowd control or the Bomb bullet for massive damage to enemies.

Thank you for trying out our demo. Your feedback is greatly appreciated by us so we may improve our game. Enjoy the demo.

Install instructions

1. Extract the .rar file.

2. Open folder KingsREgicide_Demo_V2_64Bit

3. Click KingsGearProto_v1200 executable


KingsREgicide_DEMO 496 MB

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